Hello, I am Sharon Leach, owner of Blaque Tie Travel.com. I provide a list of hand-picked quality Destination Deals as well as create an Informational Resource Center for the Diverse Traveler.


I have been in the travel industry for a short time, have over 30 years of experience and knowledge of Customer Service, and am extensively educated with what qualifies as Superior Service. I produce and expect nothing less from my product and for my clients.


My Goal is to listen to and understand your needs and desires, and provide a quality destination that meets and exceeds those expectations, while creating a personal lasting relationship with each client.


Please join the email list and visit the site often as I will have a Deal of the Month (Domestic, Caribbean, & International), and various promotional offers contests, and giveaways.


Please be on the look out for more from our Brand as we are venturing into a myriad of Travel angles that will take care of the Whole Traveler, young and old, near and far.


I thank You and I hope to hear from you soon

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