Hello, I am Sharon Leach, owner of Blaque Tie Travel LLC. I provide a list of hand-picked quality Destination Deals as well as create an Informational Resource Center for the Diverse Traveler.


I have been in the travel industry for a short time, have over 30 years of experience and knowledge of Customer Service, and am extensively educated with what qualifies as Superior Service. We produce and expect nothing less from our product and for our clients.


My Goal is to listen,  understand your needs and desires, and provide a quality destination that meets and exceeds those expectations, while creating a personal lasting relationship with each and every client.


Please join the email list and visit the site often as we will have various deals throughout the month (Caribbean, & International), and other promotional offers contests, and giveaways.

Please be on the look out for more from our partner brands as I am venturing into a myriad of Travel Angles that will take care of the Whole Traveler, young and old, near and far.


I thank you and hope to work with you soon.