Our Signature Services
When you're ready for an adult-only vacation, Blaque Tie Travel LLC has got you covered. 

Just for you itineraries

Our personalized itineraries are just fun. They adult-only vacation itineraries are made specifically for you, just like a silk and lace teddy. Blaque Tie Travel LLC's personalized itineraries take into account your wants & needs.

Start by filling out a brief survey to give us an idea of what you want to do. All of our itinerary processes require a Diesovery call to get a full view of your vision.

We'll take the travel planning form there! You'll receive all the TLC you need before, during, & after your baecation. After all Blaque Tie  Travel LLC is first and foremost here to provide excellent customer service. 



Are you looking for a personalized itinerary or wish to take advantage of our packaged getaways?  Perhaps a discovery call with Blaque Tie Travel LLC Founder, Sharon Leach, will help you decide which of our services would best fit you.

A 30 min consultation is always available and could be the best option. You never know how much can get done in 30 minutes.

Let's have a call and take the first step towards jetting away to Tropical Paradise. 


Destination Inspiration

Do you want to just Click, Book, & Go? Blaque Tie Travel LLC can make that travel fantasy a reality; easing any pain & aggravation. We've got pre-packaged getaways to the hottest adult-only resorts in the tropics ready for you to book at your convenience. 

And let's be real - You and Bae have been ready for some alone time for a while. 

Why not spend that time at one of the planet's most luxurious resorts? 



Anything Else?

Is there something else that you and Bae may need? If it's travel-related, Blaque Tie Travel LLC may be able to help. 

Maybe we can assist to make that special day perfect for Bae. 

...a last-minute weekend getaway

...a Bae trip to Cabo is such fun

...let's start with a romantic hotel weekend. 

We are here for you. 


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