Our Signature Services
When you're ready for an adults-only vacation, Blaque Tie Travel LLC has got you covered. 

Just for you itineraries

Our personalized itineraries are just fun. They adult-only vacation itineraries are made specifically for you, just like a silk and lace teddy. Blaque Tie Travel LLC's personalized itineraries take into account your wants & needs into account.

Start by filling out a fun survey to give us an idea of what you and your Bae want to do. We'll take the travel planning form there! You'll receive all the TLC you need before, during, & after your baecation. After all Blaque Tie  Travel LLC is first and foremost here to provide excellent customer service. 



Are you looking for a personalized itinerary or wish to take advantage of our packaged getaways?  Perhaps a quick conversation with Blaque Tie Travel LLC Founder, Sharon Leach, will help you decide which of our services would best fit you.

A complimentary 20 min consultation is always available and could be the best option. You never know how much can get done in 20 minutes.

Let's have a call and take the first step towards jetting away to Tropical Paradise. 


Destination Inspiration

Do you want to just Click, Book, & Go? Blaque Tie Travel LLC can make that travel fantasy a reality; easing any pain & aggravation. We've got pre-packaged getaways to the hottest adult-only resorts in the tropics ready for you to book at your convenience. 

And let's be real - You and Bae have been ready for some alone time for a while. 

Why not spend that time at one of the planet's most luxurious resorts?  


Anything Else? ;) 

Is there something else that you and Bae may need? If it's travel-related, Blaque Tie Travel LLC may be able to help. 

Let's chat... 

Maybe we can assist to make that special day perfect for Bae. 

...a last-minute weekend getaway

...a Bae trip to Cabo is such fun

...let's start with a romantic hotel weekend. 

We are here for you. 


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