Travel Consultation

From the perfect weekend getaway to the handling a Family Reunion, planning any type of travel can be overwhelming, which is why it’s beneficial to have an experienced professional by your side. Through this service, you can count on us to guide you in every step of the process.

You will receive a 30 min consultation to discuss your vacation itinerary. If we are a good fit for each other, you will be invoiced a Research & Planning Fee.

Planning Fees are as follows:

  • $50 for Domestic and Caribbean destinations 

  • $50 for Cruise requests

  • $100 for International destinations  

  • $100 for Small Groups with Event Planning assistance

If you would like to know what your Planning Fee entails, please click here

The amount noted above will be applied to your final payment.

If you decide to cancel, this amount is non-refundable. 

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